Thursday, January 7, 2010

Transcript: Plants & Trees Have Feelings Part I

What follows here is the transcript of a lecture I was asked to give at a healing conference...please keep in mind that this was spoken...during this 60 minute lecture, I was running a Power Point program of 111 of my photographs that truly connect with the personalities of many flowers, trees...I mean really...they literally HAM IT UP for the sexy, playful, wise...I'll post a few, but the purpose of the photos was to somewhat DISTRACT my audience so that they would only hear my words semi-consciously...this is where I wanted them to be processing the information....the images invited attendees to drift off, or to read the short quotes or poems that accompanied and complemented them. It was a great effect and it worked...people sank into their hearts and understood from deep within what I was communicating to them...what the plants are communicating to us all...
Anyway, I hope that you like it, I am still receiving offers to give this lecture elsewhere, so I hope that you might have a chance to feel the entire effect. Still, each time I look at the images and read the words of such wise teachers as Thoreau, Goethe, Rachel Carson and more, well I get choked up.
Here is part I...any feedback is really welcomed.

Trees Have Feelings

Thank you all for being here. If you’ve found yourself here, maybe it’s because you feel drawn to a different way of thinking…of feeling. AND FEELING IS THE BASIS OF KNOWING.
This lecture is not about:
• A new isolated protein compound
This lecture is not about:
• A standardized herbal drug substitute
This lecture is not about:
• An exciting new therapy, or even a new discovery…
This is about YOU
This is about the Health of the Earth
This is about Your Personal Health
Please experience this now. Stand and take several deep breaths from the roots of the Earth…

This breath is a gift we receive every moment from the plants and trees that provide our oxygen. Feel the gratitude with each conscious breath…

Please be seated.

[Introduce photographs]

I admire them, love them and they pose for me as part of our communication
    Their purpose in this lecture is to help you sink into your hearts…not to think but to FEEL…YES! If you begin to drift off, you’ll find that they [the photos] capture your attention and will bring you into your heart…a place of feeling and connecting emotionally.
      They are provided in order to evoke emotions. They are paired with poems and quotes by masters of imagery and well-know naturalists…people who themselves were profoundly inspired by the inherent Love that runs through all of Nature.

        Luther Burbank, George Washington Carver & Nobel Laureate Barbara McClintock all said that it was the PLANTS that told them their wisdom-the wisdom that they became famous for.
        They said that to receive and understand this wisdom, it is ESSENTIAL to care for them, to respect and to Love them.

        All ancient and indigenous cultures the world over learned their herbal medicine from the plants themselves, using their hearts as organs of perception. This is no mystery; it’s how we were designed.


        Herbal medicine traditions are thousands of years old and today’s science only serves to validate it.

        We are the children of the plants and trees. They were here for thousands of years before we ever arrived. As Stephen Harrod Buhner said, they weren’t waiting here, pining away for our existence.

        Plants are a product of the Earth and the Sun. They produce a physical form, storing energy provided by the Earth, Sun, Water and Air. They absorb EM fields and produce them.

        A plant’s CNS senses EM fields – JUST LIKE OURS

        The Sun produces Electromagnetic Energy….plants evolved upon this Sun-powered Earth to make use of this energy. Plants were given LIFE because of this energy.

        Plants actually detect all broadband EM signals…ALL life does.

        In ancient times, our ancestors worshiped the Sun…it was “The Light of the World”
        Is this primitive? Have we proven ourselves to be so much wiser…particularly in the last 150 years? Let’s examine that belief, starting with us:
        What do we eat? What do we consume? Meat? Vegetables? Bread? Tofu?
        All is sourced by PLANTS.
        Plants eat sunlight. They convert it.
        Our energy began as sunlight. Our energy is the culmination of Sun, Earth, Water and Air. Our food (meat, vegetable, fish, grain) began as Energy from Sunlight.
        It built us. (not so primitive after all…)

        Our Mothers nourished us with this energy while we were being created within their wombs. Our Mothers were nourished by this energy whilst being created within our Grandmother’s wombs…and on and on back through all the generations, plants have fed us.
        We eat Plants. We eat meat that was fed by Plants. We are clothed by Plants. We are housed by Plants. We are healed by Plants. Our breath was given to us by the Plants. Our bodied are made of Plants.
        All our Ancestors understood this. Shamans-current/native/indigenous- understood this.
        Relationship is WITH Nature, not separate from it.
        Modern human has become disconnected…lost.

        Science studies “nature” by removing it from the environment. Nature IS the environment. So, what are they studying?
        Can we understand the meaning of a book from a sentence? The meaning of a sentence from a word? The meaning of a word from a letter?
        Relationship is inherent in Nature. Comprehension comes from the whole. The shamans describe this as the Eagle/Condor view.

        To know an author better, study his works.
        To know an artist better, study her art.
        To know Creator better, study Creation.
        Experience Creation with the Heart.

        The Earth is Alive: A living, breathing organism. We are part of it. Whether we choose to act like beneficial bacteria, to be stewards/caretakers…
        OR a deadly virus or cancer is our choice. Gaia has ways of dealing with us.

        Nothing of the Earth is static; everything is constantly shifting…and AWARE…making adjustments based on observable environmental perturbations
        CONSCIOUS (are you understanding?)

        “To be sure, what is alive can be dissected into its component parts but from these parts it will be impossible to restore it and bring it to life again.” –Goethe

        What is life? What is consciousness?
        Being alive means being able to perceive and adapt because life is constantly shifting. By this definition, we can understand that everything of the Earth is Alive and Conscious…including the rocks.

        The “Universe as a Machine” Theory is flawed; it implies straight lines. Nothing in Nature is linear. If you examine a shoreline, you will see that it constantly shifts and the closer you get, the smaller you go, the more irregular it becomes.

        “Recognizing the non-linearity of Nature confounds the linear mind.” –Buhner

        Nature is constantly shifting; our relationship to it -and it to itself- is always seeking balance. This is Dynamic Tension. Within that tension, communication lies.


        1. I just tweeted and put a link to this on my Facebook Fan Page - this is AWESOME Herbalisl! I wished I could have been at the presentation, with all my senses engaged. The photos really are amazing, and you can tell the plants wanted to participate - how lovely! If only everyone knew!!

        2. Thank you Aartiana!!! I am wondering what the best format would be for posting all the pictures from the whole presentation...the blog doesn't make the photos large enough. I must correct my intro...there are 121 photos, not 111. I will post the few that may be legible in this format. Perhaps tomorrow.
          Thanks again for all the support, it means a lot to me.