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Transcript: Plants & Trees Have Feelings Part III

What follows here is the third part of the transcript of a lecture I was asked to give at a healing conference...please keep in mind that this was spoken...during this 60 minute lecture, I was running a Power Point program of 111 of my photographs that truly connect with the personalities of many flowers, trees...I mean really...they literally HAM IT UP for the sexy, playful, wise...I'll post a few, but the purpose of the photos was to somewhat DISTRACT my audience so that they would only hear my words semi-consciously...this is where I wanted them to be processing the information....the images invited attendees to drift off, or to read the short quotes or poems that accompanied and complemented them. It was a great effect and it worked...people sank into their hearts and understood from deep within what I was communicating to them...what the plants are communicating to us all...
Anyway, I hope that you like it, I am still receiving offers to give this lecture elsewhere, so I hope that you might have a chance to feel the entire effect. Still, each time I look at the images and read the words of such wise teachers as Thoreau, Goethe, Rachel Carson and more, well I get choked up.
Here is part III...any feedback is really welcomed.


The feelings of the heart such as Love, Compassion, and Caring lead to a coherence of the EM field.
Mind-created emotional responses to Fear such as Frustration, resentment, jealousy lead to an incoherent EM field.

Remember that the world is first perceived by the world and then interpreted by the mind.
The mind makes a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.
Our baggage, our mental constructs, our ego…allows us to misinterpret and miss valuable information…putting us on a hamster wheel of emotional analysis or suppression that depresses our EM field and denies us the opportunity for a high frequency, connectivity of consciousness, love and vibrant health.

“The senses do not deceive, judgment deceives.” -Goethe

“Unlike the heart, with its connected empathic perceptions, the brain has no inherent moral nature.” –Buhner

Brain Entrainment / Mind-centered consciousness = shallow emotional states
=> impairs the ability to perceive and respond to deeply embedded meanings and communications from the environment and the self.
Heart entrainment / Heart-centered consciousness = deep emotional states
=> Possible hormonal changes:
• 23%↓ in cortisol (a stress hormone with negative impacts)
• 100%↑in DHEA (an adrenal hormone that generates tissue repair, creates insulin, is essential to the release of sex hormones and creates overall well-being)
=> Lowered blood pressure
=> Improved eyesight
=> Improved brain functioning
=> General improved health

Heart entrainment leads to overall improvement of health. Frequent practice communicating with Nature trains us to entrain with our Heart.

I have found that high quality/ high integrity medicinal aromatherapy essential oils facilitate plant communication quickly from the heart. Shamans the world over utilize psychotropic or hallucinogenic plants to access plant wisdom.

“The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were when we created them.” –Einstein

Plants have natural complexity in their compounds and their communications, which by now we understand IS their medicine. A single drop of plant essence contains 50-65,000 different chemical compounds and chemotypes on the Quantum scale. Plants constantly adapt their chemical structure in response to environmental factors, such as the presence of disease, infestation of predatory insects, drought, mildew and so on. Plants are in fact constantly changing chemical factories (as are their predators). Nature, in essence, is extremely complex and ever evolving. When we take advantage of the inherent diversity of natural medicine, we allow ourselves much greater odds of being able to counter any attack by various pathogens.

Pharmaceuticals, however, are comparatively very simple in form and structure. Being man-made, they lack the genetic advantages that thousands of years of natural selection give to plant medicines. While plant based medicinals may contain tens of thousands of chemotypes, drugs may only contain a handful, if that.

According to Harper’s, as of 1999 the average number of casualties in Zimbabwe due to AIDS was 2,500 per week; the average number of Americans that same year that died due to the proper use of pharmaceutical drugs numbered 1,900 per week.

Pharmaceuticals are to chemical agri-farming what plant medicines are to organic gardening. Pharmaceuticals produce vast amounts of pollution; Drug factories pollute air and ground water as well as disenfranchising citizens of third world countries. The thousands of chemicals produced and released as by-products create a dangerous cocktail of deadly poisons that are then dispersed through rain over large areas of the planet. Pharmaceuticals are inserting vast quantities of highly bioactive and toxic chemicals into the soil and water worldwide.

The human body excretes 50-95% of every pharmaceutical drug ingested chemically unchanged. This human excrement filters into the groundwater, also creating a dangerous cocktail as this refuse mixes with other drug wastes in the ecosystem. Your neighbor’s Viagra, combining with another’s birth control, mixed with the elderly man’s chemotherapy wastes plus your antibiotics and countless other chemical contaminants (let’s not forget personal care products) seep from the septic systems into the soil and back into our drinking water. Many excreted pharmaceuticals are not biodegradable and go on producing chemical effects forever. Remember how sensitive living systems are to chemical cues in the ppm/ppb/ppb? We cannot underestimate the hazards of this wholesale trashing of our environment, as it has lasting effects on our ecosystems and ourselves.

“We don’t have to heal the Earth; she can heal herself. All we have to do is stop making her sick.” –Wallace Black Elk (Lakota Shaman)

Once upon a time, antibiotics were produced from common bread mold; now antibiotics are simple synthetic drugs that allow bacteria to easily adapt to their chemical message. The chemical message they present is static and linear; building resistance to these chemicals is effortless for pathogens. The communication that takes place between trees, plants, mycelium and their ecosystems also exist between bacterium, viruses, and other pathogens; these communications allow resistance information to be spread for miles, and even occur between different species, i.e.; bacteria to virus. Bacteria and viruses can never adapt to natural remedies due to the ever evolving and changeable nature of a plant’s chemical structure.

Remember, a lot of money went into the purchase of our belief system: beliefs that make us think that when we are really sick that’s when we need the help of pharmaceutical antibiotics. It’s also worth noting that the use of antibiotics in agribusiness allows factory farms to cram unhealthy numbers of animals into cramped quarters and does a double duty by fattening livestock faster, thereby increasing weight and profits. The overcrowding of these abused animals leads to hosts of resistant diseases…swine or bird-flu, anyone?

However, I don’t wish to dwell on these unpleasantries; I wish only to make you aware of the long and short-term results of choosing to consume factory meats and pharmaceutical drugs. Let’s focus again on the heart and plant communication.

According to Taoism, a plant’s fragrance is the expression of its soul. In China, Egypt and throughout the world, fragrance was used in ceremony to engage the gods. The Gnostic Christians (100-400 C.E.) believed that fragrance was the Spirit of a plant, and a gateway to the Soul of the World.

Humans can recall scents from their childhood for more than 50 years. Science has determined that one year after a new aroma is encountered, 65% of people can recall it accurately, whereas visual memory declines by 50% within three months. Fragrance opens to memory centers and feelings, smells are processed by the same portion of the brain that process memories and feelings…the parts of the brain that are controlled by the heart.

Here’s a simple exercise to do that will allow you to quickly experience plant communication from the heart right now. In a moment, we’ll pass around a few essential oils; pay attention to any memories that come up, any emotional responses, any physical reactions –positive or negative. You will notice that the energy in this room will become quite stirred up and active, so we’ll pause while the essences go around.

Pause and pass essential oils around

Open floor for everyone to share their experiences.

Discuss Classes offered in Plant Communication via Aromatherapy/Herbology


Lisl Meredith Huebner, Dipl.CH (NCCAOM), RH (AHG) is a nationally board certified Chinese Herbalist, and a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild. Lisl is also a certified Medicinal Aromatherapist, a level II Reiki practitioner, an Acupressurist, an Auriculotherapist, a photographer, a renowned diagnostician, a teacher and a published writer in private practice for over a decade. She is available by appointment.
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  1. The feelings of the heart such as Love, Compassion, and Caring lead to a coherence of the EM field.berry plants